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We have passed The territory of Bondo,

Here is a brief history; The territory of Bondo is a devolved administrative entity of the province of Bas-Uele in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 200 km from the Central African Republic boarder of Bangassou and 550 km north of the equator. It’s in the middle of the forest with about 20,000 inhabitants, including those from surrounding villages.

The Bandia or Abandya zande (a proud warrior tribe from South Sudan) in Bondo territory, Bamange chiefdoms, Boso, Deni, Duaru, Gaya, Goa, Kasa, Mobenge-Mondila, and Soa, in Buta territory, Nguru chiefdom and in Aketi territory, Avuru Gatanga and Avuru Duma chiefdoms.

The wealth of this rural commune is not only mineral but also agricultural. Bondo’s main riches are gold, diamonds (which do not benefit the inhabitants) and agriculture (subsistence farming).Surplus cannot be transported for lack of good means of transport dominated by overloaded motorcycles, bicycles and canoes.

The distance was not so long but testing. The terrain was so rough and tough. So far, so good!

Stay tuned as we approach the climax of the challenge and adventure!

This is us in Bondo in Pictures

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