Noor's Top Tips For Stess Free Trips.

Noor’s Top Tips For Stess Free Trips.

As we are in the festival season, I prefer talking about my top tips for a stess free holiday. Today’s post is about enjoying your trip.

Most people plan trips, spend a lot of money putting it together but in the end, they don’t enjoy it.

When going on road trips try to plan . And in this plan, include a plan to enjoy.

It’s about the road tripping experience.

Try to avoid all the “Are we there yet?” It’s about all the fun breaks, the pranks, the landscapes, the chats… Simply everything!

Try to enjoy the trip and don’t worry about things that were in the past and that are waiting down the road.

It’s about the moment! It’s about you! It’s about everything and nothing!

Have a great day!

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