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Cruise to dingila town approximately 250 km from Buta. Test out the full capabilities of your 4X4. Dingila is safe but a challenging route, making the agile and powerful traits of your rebuild landcruiser perfect for the conditions. The all-season, all-terrain tyres such as Dunlop, hankook, included won’t hurt, either for some proper off road adventures.

For these challenging, rugged roads you’ll need to ensure your 4×4 is really up to the task. The Toyota landcruiser is a dream ride for this type of trip, as you can easily switch from 2WD to 4WD with the easy flick of the vehicle’s transfer dial to hit the road less taken with confidence.

A brief history of Dingila.

Dingila is a locality near Bambili, in the territory of Bambesa in the province of Bas-Uele in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Its essential characteristic is to be the headquarters of CODENORD (Northern Development Company), which deals with cotton and coffee, and the management of the dam and the electric turbine which supplies the whole village with electricity.

Dingila has a small cotton ginning factory dating from the 1950s; other factories exist in the region (up to Isiro, Buta …).

Since 1985, cotton cultivation has been supported by French cooperation (via the French Development Agency, and the public company Dagris which has become GeoCoton), and by the European Development Fund for the European Union. Codenord’s activity has been greatly disrupted by wars and the problems of outlets for cotton production.

Other production in the area: white pepper, ivory (unfortunately), gold, and local food crops…

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Dingila cruise in pictures

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