Car memories from the past

Car-related Memories: Some of the Best Experiences in Pictures

Today I want to talk about car-related memories. Maybe it is because I feel nostalgic after the ongoing second episode of my land cruiser 77 series under full restoration project and I recalled about the best memories… but I thought would be nice to share our stories.

A car means different things to different people. For some, maybe just a medium to reach a destination. For some, it may symbolize independence – the ability to finally start funding dreams, or it could mean freedom – the ability to hop-in and head anywhere one chooses to. But, the one thing that is common to us all is that the moment we bring our car home, we start creating memories with it. For the most part, I agree. But I occasionally like to remember the past, and one memory that keeps cropping up is that of my all-time favorite vehicle.

We all have one, that very special vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or any type of machine, we wish we could have back to life, that one that served us so well, the one with memories indelibly attached to it.

Isn’t it? hence, I need your take on this important topic


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